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Food Awakening book cover new format

Food Awakening will empower you to be healthier and stay true to who you are. I love this book – It has great spirit as does its author. Barefoot Doctor, acclaimed master of modern Taoism.


I very much believe in food as a medicine and for that reason I try to eat a good diet. I have a small handful of select nutrition books on my shelf and I am proud to include Julie Silver’s book Food Awakening as one of them. Not only did I love what she had written, and the recipes, I also loved her honesty and authentic writing style, which is like having a friend talk directly to you. Dr David R Hamilton, author of I Heart Me: The Science of Self-Love.


Bite size book, easy to digest…

Do you want to lose weight? Heal an illness? Look and feel great? Increase your energy and vitality? If you would like to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life then this book is a must read.

It is now available in paperback on Amazon.ukclick here to order and click here to order

If you would like me to email you the first 2 chapters for FREE please email me: and I will email the chapters to you.

To order signed copies directly please email Julie on  and/or if you want me to do a talk or workshop in your area.

Change Your Food – Change Your Life 

This life changing book unlike other diet and nutrition books is about finding out the optimum nutrition that is right for you NOW! Forget what you have read, heard or been told, as this will be somebody else’s truth. It is about YOU now – so trust your instincts and feel your way through this book, there are no rules, no right or wrongs only what is right (and good!) for YOU! So relax, let go of past conditioning, go with the flow and be inspired by The Vitality Fairy™!

Tired of trying every diet and healthy food option only to fail when all you really want to do is lose weight and keep it off? With Julie’s approach you will lose your desired weight at the right time for you, feeling healthier with more vitality.

Intelligently written, easy to read and very informative!! Many books are too long winded and people do not have time to read around all the waffle to get to the important information. Julie has got the balance just right. Highly recommended. Sharon

Food Awakening is not about preaching to you and telling you what you are doing wrong. It is an empowering and inspiring guide to let you see how you can ‘have your cake and eat it’ and feel good too.

Included in the book are sections such as:

Nutrition for NOW

The law of nutritional attraction

Tools, Tips and Techniques for NOW

Dieting for NOW

and many more…

Really makes you think about what and why we eat the food we do. Lots of great tips and advice. One step at a time I think but definitely worth a try and let’s see where it goes! Full of genuine caring!  Jo


“In this groundbreaking book Julie Silver aka “The Vitality Fairy” takes you on a journey and shows you how to re-evaluate what you eat and your relationship with food to improve your health, your digestion, your skin, your energy levels and vitality.” Paul

You can buy the book on Amazon Kindle today by following this link


Your book made everything slot in place, not just for recipes like your normal recipe book but a whole new way of living and it made so much sense. A great book Julie which I’m sure will change many lives. Cheryl 


The paperback edition is now available on: – click here to order and – click here to order

To order signed copies directly please email Julie on

I have received your book today and read it from cover to cover.  It is perfect in every way…I couldn’t put it down. I love the simplicity of your guidance. I found it so informative and because you have simplified it for the reader it is very easy to absorb all the details. It is clearly written from your heart, and the energy within the book is so beautiful. I feel many will receive healing just from tuning into your unique vibration! I truly loved it  and it has inspired and uplifted me to accept where I am right now. Your vibrant messages of encouragement rang true throughout the book for me…they touched on so many challenges which I am creating for my self regarding food…really Julie…reading your book has helped me to start being kinder to myself and take positive steps to self nurture and go with the flow. It’s so much more than a book! It is going to help so many people on so many levels. Claire

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