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Signal tower with networking

If you’ve read and heard about the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation from computers, mobile phones & masts, WiFi, Bluetooth, radio & TV broadcasts, domestic wiring, power lines and other electrical appliances and wondering how you can help yourself and your family then read read my tips below.

  • There are several companies such as Groundology who supply a variety of products to keep you grounded and protected from electromagnetic radiation in your day-to-day life. Check out their products on this link To get a 5% discount on these products mention SILVER5 at checkout.
  • There are studies to say that having a mobile phone close to your head or using conventional earphones/blue tooth etc. has detrimental effects on your health. As an alternative use the Blue Tube Headset by Dr Mercola which uses hollow, air-filled tubes to convey sound and contains no metal wires or cables, or metal components. Radiation from your phone can’t travel up the air-filled tubes to your head. It features advanced acoustic technology, delivering sound wave-based and not radiation-based communications offering superior communication. You can buy it from the US or UK. The cheapest company I have found in the UK is Natural Dispensary – see more details below.
  • Energy Eggs provide stress elimination from devices. CLICK HERE for more details.
  • Energy Angels & Archangels  – each Energy Angel or Archangel clears multiple stresses from a living or working environment with respect to a certain form of life energy or qi. CLICK HERE for more details.
  • If you spend time looking at a computer screen or mobile phone before bed then use high quality Computer Glasses to reduce your vulnerability and prevent eye strain etc. – CLICK HERE for more details. There are apps you can download too although I have not tried this personally.
  • Do your best to live a healthier lifestyle and detoxify the body in a safe healthy way. Eat as healthy and clean as possible. Get a good night’s sleep and have at least an hour or two before bed without any electromagnetic radiation.
  • To assist detoxification take algae supplements such as Spirulina (Gourmet Spirulina), Chlorella (Sun Chlorella or Dr Mercola Fermented Chlorella). Health Factory Marine Phytoplankton (email for price list and more info) or from Revolution Foods – CLICK HERE for info and website and type the code VITALITY to receive a 10% discount off your order (excluding postage). CLICK HERE to read more of my detox tips.

Natural Dispensary – sell many supplements such as the chlorella & spirulina and many other natural products. Complete the online registration form, putting Julie Silver in the box which asks for the name of the Practitioner who referred you. Type in the name of the product or brand in the search bar. You will need to register to see the prices and order. Postage is free if you spend £25 or more.

If you would like to learn about and taste wheat/gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free vegan health promoting foods you may want to attend a workshop, or 1-2-1 session. CLICK HERE for details of getting a nuturing massage.

More details about nutrition, natural ways of living, supplements, health information & recipes in my book Food Awakening which is now available to buy in paperback. CLICK HERE for more details about the book.  If you want to buy a copy please email me: or get a copy from Amazon.

Please email me if you would like more details on any of the above:

Wishing you love & sparkly wellness wishes,

Julie xxx

Vitality Fairy™ & Author of Food Awakening – Nutrition for NOW

Ambassador of World Health Innovation Summit

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