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Pain and inflammation usually stem from too much acidity in the body, lack of minerals and Omega 3 fatty acids. Nutrition and natural remedies can be very beneficial.

Here are some ways you can alleviate pain & inflammation in a natural way so you will be able to move with ease and increase your energy too.

  • The foods that tend to cause inflammation are the more acidic and dehydrating ones; red meat, wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, nightshade family vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, aubergines) and anything artificial and chemically treated. Instead opt for whole grain gluten free grains such as rice, quinoa, buckwheat and millet. Including lots of non-nightshade vegetables and especially green leafy vegetables would be beneficial and sea vegetables too as they contain lots of minerals. For protein; eat oily fish (if not vegetarian or vegan), beans, pulses, tempeh etc., which would be more hydrating and alkaline than meat.
  • Finding exercises that are beneficial for you which could be walking, rebounding, yoga etc. Look on YouTube for more exercises. Relaxation exercises such as Yoga Nidra, Qi Gong or Tai Chi can be beneficial. Massage is also conducive to healing.
  • Removing heavy metals and toxins from the body by taking either Shilajit, Toxaprevent, Activated Charcoal etc.
  • Probiotics can be beneficial to help improve leaky gut which is an indication when experiencing any inflammatory conditions. The most effective probiotic I have found to date is called Life Shots by Rhythm which contains billions of live lactose free kefir coconut cultures and has been traditionally fermented. It tastes amazing and can be taken as a 5 day course. They also do a Coconut Kefir which contains no dairy, sugar or additives as well as natural Sauerkraut. CLICK HERE for more details. If you prefer a tablet then Bio-Kult or Body Biotics by Kiki are my recommended ones.
  • B vitamins are recommended for the nervous system and joint health etc. My preferred brands are Max B-ND by Premier Research Labs which has high-energy available probiotic-fermented B vitamins which offers advanced support for the liver, energy, immune system, adrenals & mood balance and allows rapid cellular delivery and superior biofield resonance dynamics. Methyl B Complex by Biocare or Lamberts are cheaper ones you can buy.
  • Reducing Omega 6 fats from nut and seed oils such as safflower, walnut, grapeseed, sunflower, soybean, rapeseed and palm. Also red meat and dairy products are pro inflammatory. Boosting your Omega 3 fats is very important to help with inflammation. If you aren’t vegan or vegetarian then the best fish oil product I have come across is Organic Scandinavian Rainbow Trout Oil  by Viridian which is the world’s first certified organic fish oil and is naturally free from heavy metals, chemicals or industrial refining. It doesn’t have a fishy taste either. You can buy vegan EPA/DHA and also Marine Phytoplankton which contains high concentrations of EPA Omega 3 It has over 65 essential vitamins, amino acids, minerals and phytonutrients.
  • Magnesium is essential as it is a lacking mineral in almost everyone unless you are supplementing. You can take it internally in capsule/powder form, as a nano mineral water by The Health Factory or Magnesium Oil which is a spray that you massage into the skin so it avoids going through the digestive system. Magnesium is a relaxant, and effective to ease aches and pains. You can get the flakes for a bath or foot soak.
  • The Healthy Factory Nano Gold is beneficial for pain and inflammation caused by arthritis and has many other health properties.
  • If you are being affected by electromagnetic stress then you can buy products to help from Groundology To get a 5% discount on these products enter code SILVER5 during checkout.
  • Bone broth contains lots of natural collagen which is very beneficial for leaky gut to help with joints, inflammation and improving your general health. You can make this from beef bones with marrow or chicken necks, feet, wings & veg etc and simmering for 24 – 48 hours. There are many recipes on the internet. You can buy it ready made though from companies such as Osius and it is available from Able & Cole*.

* Able and Cole sell Osius bone broth and also organic meat, fish, vegetables and many other grocery products. If you quote reference number 383234 or Julie Silver as someone who recommended you, you will get a free gift and if you recommend someone you will also get a free gift. There will be a delivery charge of £1.25 and you will need to spend £12.50 or more.

  • Taking a Vitamin D supplement is beneficial for joints and inflammation. Many people are lacking in this, especially if you don’t get out in the sunshine or wear sunscreen etc. I recommend Vitamin D Liquid by Nature’s Answer, or Vitamin D/K2 liquid by Thorne Research or Nutri.  Also the spray by BetterYou which comes in different dosages.
  • There is a product by Viridian called Curcumin Complex which is beneficial for natural pain relief. It is a convenient, high potency one-a-day supplement containing Boswellia extract, the full spectrum of curcuminoids, ginger and citrus flavonoids for maximum support.

You can buy the above mentioned brands including Viridian Organic Scandinavian Rainbow Trout Oil, The Health Factory Marine Phytoplankton, Nano Magnesium and Nano Gold, Vitamin D, B Vitamins, Curcumin Complex, Probiotics (except the Rhythm brand), Shilajit, Toxaprevent, Activated Charcoal and many other natural health supplements/products from Natural Dispensary –  To see prices & order complete the online registration form, putting Julie Silver in the box which asks for the name of the Practitioner who referred you. Postage is free if you spend £25 or more.

If you would like to learn about natural foods to improve your health and find healthy alternatives to wheat, dairy, refined sugar, animal products etc., then attend a workshop1-2-1 session to increase your vitality and well-being.

More details about nutrition, natural ways of living, supplements, health information & recipes in my book Food Awakening which is now available to buy in paperback. CLICK HERE for more details about the book.  If you want to buy a copy please email me: or get a copy from Amazon.

Wishing you love & sparkly wellness wishes,

Julie xxx

Vitality Fairy™ & Author of Food Awakening – Nutrition for NOW

Ambassador for World Health Innovation Summit #WHIS

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