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  • A T Engine Controls Ltd
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  • Bolton Council
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  • BUPA
  • Champion Accountants
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  • Manchester Airport
  • Manchester Airport Fire Service
  • Osram Ltd
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  • Shell UK
  • Trafford College
  • World Health Innovation Summit - WHIS
  • Wyndeham Print Direct

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Julie Silver

Are you ready to invest in the greatest asset in your life…your health?

Are you struggling with a health problem, feel tired, low mood, sluggish and maybe bloated?  Is this making you feel below par?

Do you want to feel lighter, more energised and be healthier?

Are you ready to learn about how nutrition and natural health can change your life and bring the sparkle back into your life?

Maybe you are craving things that aren’t making you feel well or craving to get well. Whatever the case I’d be delighted to help you…



Discover more about my Healthy Eating Workshops which are an empowering and inspiring way to be able to see and taste the foods you could be substituting to feel better. For more information and my next workshops dates…  Click Here >>



Julie Silver


Let me show you how a few Simple Changes can bring about Magical Results. Book a 1-2-1 Consultation today to get a helping hand from a Vitality Fairy™ to bring the sparkle back into your life… Click Here >>




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Corporate Wellness is becoming a big business. Did you know that healthier staff can improve their productivity and achieve more in the workplace? This would benefit both employee and employer.  For more information  Click Here >>




For any more information on the above services please feel free to get in touch by email: or call 0161 798 5063


Over the years I have found my health has transformed from having healthier alternatives. A few things I changed over time were Wheat, Dairy & Sugar. Here are some reasons that might inspire you… 

Why no wheat?

Many people are finding that wheat is causing them health problems such as bloating, tiredness, digestive complaints, acidity etc. This is due to the fact that wheat is the most acidic grain and needs a lot of water to help it to digest. Stress is very dehydrating so added burdens of foods that further dehydrate you will just add to your stress load. Have you heard of wheat bloat? There are many books, information and videos that explain more about this. 

My own health massively improved from cutting out wheat. It was one of the hardest things to cut out as I ate it regularly throughout the day. I would like to help you now find healthy alternatives to wheat so you too can bring about magical healthy changes.

Why no dairy?

Research states that cow’s milk and dairy products are not essential for good health, in fact they can be harmful. The saturated animal fat, animal protein, cholesterol, hormones and growth factors in dairy products are linked to a wide range of illnesses and diseases.

Milk and cheese contain far more sodium than calcium (which is used to buffer the acidic sodium), therefore resulting in actually taking calcium from the body and our bones. Interestingly research states that countries that are the highest consumers of dairy have the highest rates of osteoporosis.

Are you ready to learn how to strengthen your bones, improve your health and incorporate dairy alternatives that will help you to sparkle.

Why no sugar?

Sugar actually turns to fat and causes many health problems. Over consumption can lead to many illnesses. We do naturally crave sweet foods and it would be much more beneficial to be nourished from natural healthy foods. Many diet products have low fat and replace this by adding more sugar which is counterproductive. Do your own research about sugar and the implications it can cause for your health. It is addictive, so come and get some inspiration to find out how you can curb this craving that maybe causing your health to suffer.

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