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With it being Sleep Awareness week I thought I would share my top tips for having a better night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep is very healing as it helps to cleanse and repair vital organs in the body. It helps physically, mentally and emotionally and it has an impact on weight and the way you age also.

Here are my top tips to get a better night’s sleep.

  • Keep your blood sugar balanced by eating regular meals starting with a healthy breakfast that contains no sugar or artificial ingredients. Eat as healthily as possible throughout the day and finish your last meal of the day 3-4 hours before you go to bed, otherwise your body will be focusing on digesting your food rather then preparing itself for sleep and healing during the night.
  • Do some exercise you enjoy during the day and if possible get out in the fresh air. Avoid strenuous exercise later in the evening. Some gentle Yoga or Qi Gong would be fine though.
  • Anything that helps you to reduce stress and feel calmer will be beneficial such as walking in nature, regular massage & healing.
  • If you drink caffeinated drinks then it is best to switch to caffeine free drinks from midday onwards, however, it can take many hours for caffeine to get out of your system so you may find that any amount can affect your sleep or just one cup in the morning might be maximum. In the evening have a natural relaxing herbal tea such as chamomile, lime blossom or valerian.
  • To help relieve anxiety naturally before you sleep take the natural supplement L-Theanine and Lemon Balm by Viridian. These can be taken as and when you need them and are not addictive.
  • Make sure your room is very dark as this helps the production of melatonin which not only promotes sleep, it also improves immune system. Black out lining or blinds would be beneficial although I would also recommend wearing an eye mask; opt for a natural material such as silk.
  • Choose wool bedding (pillow and duvet) as this helps to regulate temperature more than other materials. It can keep skin dry and comfortable and maintains warmth in winter and coolness in the summer.
  • Before bed listen to an Alphamusic CD; an effective tool to cope with stress and anxiety as well as other conditions. John Levine established the pattern of sound that predictably invites the brain to settle into alpha state. This is a calmer state than the excitable peaks and troughs, known as beta, which contribute to feelings of anxiety. He has recorded various titles although the Amber and Orange Grove Siesta specifically help with insomnia. Click here for more details
  • For at least an hour before bed stop using electrical equipment and before you go to sleep turn off or unplug anything electrical in your sleeping area; such as mobile phone, computer, TV etc. If you have to have to use a computer, mobile phone or have the lights on before bed then wear these glasses to cut out the blue light – CLICK HERE for more details.
  • Instead of using an EMF clock or mobile phone as an alarm clock, have a silent sweep clock (which you can buy cheaply on the internet).
  • Take the rare trace mineral Indium* to improve the quality of your sleep. It also has many other benefits such as strengthening your immune system, improve stamina, skin texture, hormonal fluctuations etc.   
  • Magnesium is a calming mineral and can alleviate aches, pains, restless leg syndrome etc. The quickest way to get it absorbed into the body is taking Nano Magnesium Water* and/or rubbing a transdermal oil onto the skin, such as Magnesium Oil by BetterYou.
  • Before you go to bed write down anything on your mind that is causing you any worry or concern and things you have to get done the next day. Keep in another room so your mind will be freer to sleep rather than dwell on what you have to get done.
  • Techniques such as the 4-7-8 breathing exercise and other relaxation techniques are effective to do prior to sleeping. The Buteyko Breathing Method can help with insomnia and sleep apnoea as well as many other health conditions. Read more about it on the internet and seek a qualified Buteyko professional to assist you.
  • Do your best to be in bed by 10.30pm to fall in line with your internal circadian biological clock. You are more likely to get into a better sleep at this time as waiting until after 11pm may give you an energy boost making it difficult to nod off.
  • If you have a poor night’s sleep or just want more energy and to feel healthier then listen while lying down to a Yoga Nidra relaxation session (you can get many on YouTube) or you can find a class, which is sometimes part of a physical yoga class. It is said each 15 minutes is equivalent to a 1 hour sleep.

If you would like information and a price list for  The Health Factory Nano Mineral waters such as magnesium and also Indium please email me and I will email you details.

You can buy BetterYou Magnesium oil, L-Theanine and Lemon Balm by Viridian as well as many natural health supplements and health products from Natural Dispensary –  Complete the online registration form, putting Julie Silver in the box which asks for the name of the Practitioner who referred you. Type in the name of the product or brand in the search bar. You will need to register to see the prices and order. Postage is free if you spend £25 or more.

To learn more about healthier foods and natural ways to heal the body attend a workshop or 1-2-1 session – face to face or by Skype/phone.

More tips to sleep well and live a healthier lifestyle, get nutrition advice that is right for you, also vegan recipes and ideas to inspire and empower you in my book Food Awakening which is now available to buy in paperback. CLICK HERE for more details about the book.  If you want to buy a copy please email me:

Wishing you love & sparkly wellness wishes,

Julie xxx

Vitality Fairy & Author of Food Awakening – Nutrition for NOW

Ambassador for World Health Innovation Summit #WHIS

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