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  • Adidas Wellness Centre
  • Andrew Sumner Associates
  • Aon UK
  • A T Engine Controls Ltd
  • Bolton Business Ventures
  • Bolton Council
  • Bolton Wanderers F.C.
  • BUPA
  • Champion Accountants
  • Colgate-Palmolive
  • Crewise
  • First Central Insurance
  • Granada Television
  • Guardian News & Media
  • Health Education England (HEE)
  • IKEA
  • Jobwise Recruitment Agency
  • Keoghs Solicitors
  • Manchester Airport
  • Manchester Airport Fire Service
  • Osram Ltd
  • Sellafield Ltd
  • Shell UK
  • Trafford College
  • World Health Innovation Summit - WHIS
  • Wyndeham Print Direct

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I would be more than happy to recommend you to any other organisation and I am sure that IKEA will be in touch shortly to arrange further sessions with you. It was fun, informative thought-provoking and indeed relaxing and motivated us all to go out there to change something in our lives in order to relieve some stress and relax more in our lives because you made us realise that it is possible without making such drastic changes!
Siobhan Farrington, HR Manager, IKEA


I very much believe in food as a medicine and for that reason I try to eat a good diet. I have a small handful of select nutrition books on my shelf and I am proud to include Julie Silver’s book Food Awakening as one of them. Not only did I love what she had written, and the recipes, I also loved her honesty and authentic writing style, which is like having a friend talk directly to you.’ Dr David R Hamilton, author of I Heart Me: The Science of Self-Love.


Julie’s depth of knowledge, creativity and commitment are truly impressive, and causes me to constantly re-evaluate my own limits and potential.
A Bond, British Telecom


From the first day of introduction (June 2002) Julie has provided ‘hands on’ relaxation techniques including Indian Head Massage and Reflexology which employees can use to alleviate the stresses of the day. However, her holistic approach to stress management through diet and breathing has been of greater long term benefit where she can and does target the individual needs.
Alan Hodgson,  Managing Director, Wyndeham Print Direct Ltd.


Your whole approach is so gentle and appealing. I love your style and the way you set up the sessions, look after me, show me lots of interesting little things.
Annabelle Apsion,  Actress & Rosen Method Practitioner  


With a growing family and a full time job I can sometimes forget to look after myself. Julie gave me some alternative and handy nutritional tips to help me manage my energy levels throughout my day, to avoid me reaching for unhealthly quick fixes.
Caroline Rushton, Colgate-Palmolive


Just wanted to say thank you for a really enjoyable day today. It was great and really informative. The food was fantastic and it’s spurred me on. I think all the group seemed to gel too which is a bonus!”
Tracey, Manchester 


I really enjoyed my session with you, it was just what I needed to re-focus some time for myself. And I have to say I really do feel liberated since.
Debbie Evran, Fire Creative


What I learned from attending the workshop was that I could begin my changes quite small. I found the workshop very enjoyable and informative and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in wanting to improve their health and knowledge of the food thay eat, and Julie is not only expert in the area of nutrition but is a kind and caring person too.
Rita, Rochdale


Julie Silver is a shining example of wholesome vitality and the benefits of healthy eating. Her workshop is informative sure but it is her passion for her subject that convinces you – as well as the delicious food of course.


Since my 1-2-1 healthy eating session with Julie, I have developed a new lifestyle which has impacted on how I perceive myself and this has helped me develop a far richer understanding of my relationships with my family and friends. It really has changed the way I live my life and all because I have chosen a new healthy way of eating all thanks to Julie.
Linda Rogers, South Manchester


Julie is a very warm and knowledgeable lady who puts you at ease the minute you meet her. Her recommendations for my uncomfortable digestive problem have helped me feel better.
Paula, Saddleworth – Reiki Master & Feng Shui Consultant


Just a few lines to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop. The recipes you used were extremely easy to do and they were tasty and satisfying as well as being healthy. I can’t wait to go shopping and try some of them myself, I’m even going to get my grandchildren involved, especially with the pancakes as I know they’ll love making and eating them.


 Thanks so much for the session today! I learned a tremendous amount. What I liked most was your very relaxed style and you are one of the most, if not ‘the most knowledgeable person I know in the field of nutrition, health, diet etc. You’re a good listener and have a natural style around people, it’s a great talent! What a role model! One week later: I feel on fire! Alive, Energized and today did a 3mile run in 27 minutes. And the recovery time afterwards was about 90 seconds which is very good indeed. Thanks I’m lovin it.
Ian Read, Trusty Properties


What a fantastic treat today was! You gave me more information and ideas in one day than years of research and reading! Thank you for your warmth and generosity in sharing your time and knowledge which must have taken years to accumulate. I will be recommending your workshops to everyone I know and hope to return for a top up before too long. It was just great to be able to talk to someone who has so many layers of understanding and is such a good listener.
Angela Mandy, Yoga Teacher


Thank you for a great evening. I’ve been thinking about everything you said and have a lovely warm relaxed feeling. You are such a mine of wonderful information and you convey everything in such a relaxed and easy way. Well, Julie, I feel really different after last night. Would love to come to another workshop.
Caroline, Manchester


Julie came into our office and talked about how what you eat impacts what you do; productivity. Even though it has only been a short time since the event, I personally feel much better, more focused and getting more done with less effort. I would highly recommend Julie, it was an exciting interactive session which produced a real return on investment and health!
Scott Woodhead Founder of


Julie’s workshops are relaxed, fun, informative and inspiring. Her food is delicious as well as healthy. Good food does not have to be dull!
Chrissy, Grange-over-Sands


Julie glows with health and is positive advertisement for healthy eating. Julie shares her wealth of knowledge, is very friendly and the food is absolutely delicious. I came away positively inspired to experience a new way of eating, thank you Julie


After taking Julie’s recommendations on board I found that very quickly I had a positive effect. My hair, nails and eyelashes improved and have cut down on my medication too.


I was really surprised at how much I learnt in such a short space of time. The class was so friendly, relaxed, and had a real spiritual angle. Thank you Julie for opening my eyes to the connection between food and my spiritual journey. ‘I can’t tell you how good I feel after your course. I have been eating healthily, and not really tempted the usual things. I can’t recommend you enough!’
Nicola, Macclesfield


I visited Julie Silver recently for some nutritional advice and was amazed by what I learned in just one day. I have been interested in nutrition for some time however, none of the books I have read have given me the advice and info in the way that Julie did and what a feast I had and all absolutely healthy too. Since taking on board Julie’s recommendations for breakfast I feel a lot lighter and more energised. If your’e looking for advice about nutrition I would absolutely recommend Julie.
Julie Kelly, Traditional Indian & Tibetan Ayurvedic Practitioner, Rochdale


Chatting with you in my consultation on Friday helped me in many ways, mainly to see that there were so many alternatives I could still have. The things you said which resonated the most was that the healing/changes had to come from inside and that small changes can be quite powerful. P.S. I am already a pound lighter then on friday morning!!!”
Alison, Bolton


Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn about this “new to me” way of eating. It was lovely to be able to taste the foods and to have the chance to see how it was made. The thing that particularly enlightened me was how easy it was to make sushi! Thanks too for all the information that you have sent through. I’ve even inspired my husband to want to try too so that can’t be bad.
Linda, Radcliffe


Thanks for the information, I had a lovely time and enjoyed tasting the different foods at the 1-2-1 healthy eating session. My husband loved all the food I took back with me so this makes it a lot easier for me when preparing meals. After my last session with you I definitely feel lighter and my digestion has improved so I look forward to making more healthy changes.
Gillian, Preston


Thank you very much for the workshop on Friday. It was an absolute delight to spend the time with yourself and others and learn so much about the health benefits of food that I knew very little about. It was delivered in a very informal, informative way and was not at all preachy. You made me feel welcome and I felt I could ask anything without feeling embarrassed. It as also very enjoyable eating all the delicious food you prepared for us tasting brand new flavours. The experience made me feel very motivated to make some healthy changes. Hope to see you soon for another workshop. Thanks. Anne, Rochdale


I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop and expected to learn about food and nutrition although the social and local links have been fabulous too for someone new to Manchester.  I cooked the quinoa on Sunday that you showed us at the workshop and it came out perfectly.  Thanks.  Marcia, Manchester 


I enjoyed Julie’s nutrition workshop which was very informative and tasty! Since the workshop I have improved my diet which has become a lot more varied and interesting, as well as healthier. I learned more about how to understand the food I eat and how my body works with this food.  I now know how to avoid feeling bloated and Julie taught me which foods encourage a healthier lifestyle and healthier living. I am continuing to experiment which new foods that I have never tried before.  Lorraine, Macclesfield


After using G.P. prescribed laxatives for 15 years and paying for private healthcare I decided to visit Julie Silver for some nutritional advice.  I thought I ate healthily and after just 1 visit to Julie I learned so much and sorted out my health issue so easily in a natural way. I  have been so full of energy since and all who know me keep asking if I’m on some sort of energy pills. What is interesting is I slipped off the diet for a weekend and wow did I notice a big difference, I felt sluggish again with headaches. Soon got sorted eating properly again and reaping the benefits. Julie, Warrington


I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop & found it very interesting.  You are a natural teacher & made us all feel at total ease. There was no pressure to change anything, you just gave the facts as they are.  Your book is brilliant I felt completely like you were just talking to me. Everything you say is so true to lots of people.  I have now incorporated a couple of the things you recommended and can tell the difference already, nice soft skin. Jean, Bolton  


Julie’s workshop exceeded any expectations l had, I’m focusing on changing my eating habits and already l’ve given up sugar and high carbs basically any processed food! Going to the workshop has opened up a new world of what l can have which has supported and is helping with my transition. Already l am telling friends what a wonderful experience l had. I’ve definitely been sparkled with fairy dust! Thank you so much. Mags, Sale 


I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and all the delicious food you made for us. You have inspired me to try a few of the recipes from the workshop and your book. I am going to gradually incorporate many more of the foods into my diet. Thank you so much Julie. Gemma, Preston

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