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Most people experience some kind of depression symptoms in their life, however, when it takes over your life and you would like to deal with it in a more natural way here are some ways that may help you…

There are organisations that can help you such as betterhelp. CLICK HERE for a link to a clinical depression test and diagnosis. CLICK HERE for a link to depression quotes that may change your life.

Here are my top tips to help you in a holistic and natural way to deal with depression emotionally and physically…

  • Acknowledging how you feel rather than shun anything negative emerging will be more beneficial than resisting things as they will only come up stronger. Do get support from someone you trust though whether it is a doctor, counselor or health practitioner that specialises in this field.
  • Notice if there is anything stressful you are doing and work out whether you can change this. Also are doing things in your life to please others rather than yourself?
  • If you avoid meals or eat poor quality foods this can have an impact on your health. There is a book called ‘Sugar Blues’ and also one called ‘Caffeine Blues’ which indicates that they will give you an instant high and then a low.
  • Eating regular meals and snacks if you need to that consist of a complex gluten/wheat-free carbohydrate, healthy protein & essential fats with lots of colourful vegetables. Watch for hidden sugars (which will cause a mood drop) in ready made foods and sauces.
  • Instead of a caffeinated or sugary drink choose filtered water and caffeine-free drinks such as Rooibos/Redbush tea or a natural herbal tea.
  • Vitamin B deficiency is common with depression and anxiety. My favourite is an assimilated liquid one called Max-B ND by Premier Research Labs.B3 (Niacin) is especially beneficial although you may experience a flushed face (known as niacin flush) which means you have reached saturation point with it. Get some guidance to dosage before taking. Also a deficiency in Vitamin B12 can contribute to depression which can affects 1 in 4 people. I prefer the liquid which you can get from health shops and on-line shops such as Natural Dispensary – see details below.
  • Saffron (Crocus sativus) has a long history of use for improving mood and mental health. Check out side effects before consuming. Viridian have a couple of supplements; Saffron Extract with Marigold and also Saffron, Magnesium and Vitamin B6. You can buy this from health shops and online health shops such as Natural Dispensary.
  • Omega 3 Fats will usually be lacking so take a good quality fish oil such as Viridian Organic Scandinavian Rainbow Trout Oil, Krill Oil or The Health Factory Marine Phytoplankton* (as it is rich in important nutrients and also an excellent vegan source of omega 3 fats).
  • Taking a Vitamin D supplement is extremely beneficial for mood and energy. Many people are lacking in this, especially if you don’t get out in the sunshine or wear sunscreen etc. I recommend Vitamin D Liquid by Nature’s Answer, or Vitamin D/K2 liquid by Thorne Research or Nutri.  Also the spray by BetterYou which comes in different dosages.
  • Magnesium is a key mineral in mental health conditions and it is lacking in modern diets. The quickest way to get it absorbed into the body is taking *Nano Magnesium Water and/or rubbing a transdermal oil onto the skin; such as Magnesium Oil by BetterYou.
  • There has been research to say that Nano Gold could greatly improve brain & nervous system functioning and act as a catalyst for hormones such as dopamine. It could be effective for many addictions such as sugar, decreasing stress, improving memory, concentration and allows you to get things done in a calmer way. Available from Natural Dispensary – see details below.
  • Lack of good bacteria in the gut has an impact on mental health so taking good quality probiotics and including fermented foods will be beneficial. If fermented foods causes bloating then start with half to one capsule of a probiotic such as Bio-Kult under the tongue in the morning/evening. You can build up gradually up over time as the gut is replenished. I would also recommend *Nano Zinc/Copper water  (to build back up the mucus layer so the probiotics are able to stick to the intestine wall and inhabit it and so rebuild the immune system and not make space for the pathogenic bacteria to grow back).
  • Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for mood and gut health etc. My favourite is Organic Scandinavian Rainbow Trout Oil by Viridian which is the world’s first certified organic fish oil and is naturally free from heavy metals, chemicals or industrial refining. It doesn’t have a fishy taste either. If vegetarian/vegan then go for The Health Factory Marine Phytoplankton (now available from Natural Dispensary) as it contains high amounts of easy to absorb Omega 3  as well as many anti-oxidants & nutrients.
  • To help relieve anxiety naturally take the natural supplement L-Theanine as and when you need it. Before going to bed you can take the natural supplement L-Theanine and Lemon Balm by Viridian which can help induce a deeper sleep.
  • Find some time for relaxation and have a walk in nature, do a guided relaxation/meditation such as Yoga Nidra, some Qi Gong exercise, have a massage etc.
  • Do something relaxing in the evening such as having a warm bath, listening to a relaxation/meditation CD, gentle stretches, have a massage with or inhale some relaxing& uplifting aromatherapy oil such as Frankincense, Clary sage, Petitgrain. Do your best to get to bed by 10/11pm at the latest and avoid eating a large meal that is difficult to digest late in the evening.
  • Watch funny films, programmes, share jokes and funny stories with friends and family.

N.B. If you are on medication it is best to check with your doctor or health professional if it is possible to work alongside what you have been prescribed.

You can buy BetterYou Magnesium Oil, B Vitamin Complex, Niacin (Vitamin B3), Viridian Saffron, Bio-Kult probiotics, Marine Phytoplankton, Vitamin D, Theanine, Theanine with Lemonbalm & Organic Scandinavian Rainbow Trout Oil by Viridian as well as many natural health supplements and health products from Natural Dispensary –  Complete the online registration form, putting Julie Silver in the box which asks for the name of the Practitioner who referred you. Type in the name of the product or brand in the search bar. You will need to register to see the prices and order. Postage is free if you spend £25 or more.

*The Health Factory Nano Mineral waters such as magnesium, gold, zinc/copper and Marine Phytoplankton can be bought from Noble Naturals. For more details and prices contact Abigail on 01342 457 170 or email:  Mention you have been recommended by nutrition practitioner Julie Silver when you order as they will only deal with recommended clients.

To learn more about healthier hydrating foods and natural ways to heal the body attend a workshop or 1-2-1 session – face to face or by Skype/phone.

More healthy alternatives & stress management tips to help the digestion and your health, recipes and health information is in my book Food Awakening which is now available to buy in paperback. CLICK HERE for more details about the book.  If you want to buy a copy please email me:

Wishing you love & sparkly wellness wishes,

Julie xxx

Vitality Fairy

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