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Whether you love to smile or not, it may be important to you to have healthier teeth. The state of your gums is an indication for the state of your health so if you would like healthier gums and teeth then read on…


  • As gut health is linked to a healthy mouth I would recommend avoiding refined, processed foods & drinks. Also sugar, gluten, dairy products can have a negative effect on the digestive health so eating a more natural mineral rich diet including bone broth (if you aren’t vegetarian or vegan). L-Glutamine amino acid can help to repair the gut and Fermented foods such as Kefir, Sauerkraut are a beneficial way to increase good bacteria. Otherwise a probiotic supplement such as  Symprove (plain variety), which is an easily assimilated liquid. If you prefer a tablet then Bio-Kult are a good quality and affordable brand, or you can choose one with soil based organisms such as Body Biotics by Kiki. These are available from Natural Dispensary – see details below.

  •  Drinking filtered water instead of sugary or caffeinated drinks, also herbal teas can be an option occasionally unless they contain citric acid as this damage tooth enamel. 


  • Taking a kelp supplement could help improve quality of the teeth and make them feel cleaner with less plaque accumulating. My favourite brand is Viridian as they are the most natural and effective ones I have found. You can buy these at some health shops and online shops such as Natural Dispensary.


  • I recommend using a natural toothpaste without fluoride* as conventional varieties contain sweeteners and artificial ingredients. You can also make your own with natural ingredients such as water and bicarbonate of soda, or buy a Soladey toothbrush and use without any toothpaste. If you prefer to buy a toothpaste then I would recommend  OregaFresh-P73 Oregano Toothpaste by Tigon or Weleda toothpaste. You can buy these from Natural Dispensary – see details below. 

*Fluoride may help strengthen the enamel although not the quality of the teeth and can cause negative health issues. 

  • Interdental brushes are very beneficial for helping to prevent gum disease by clearing pieces of food and plaque from between your teeth. The Easy Brush Interdental Cleaners from DenTek are my favourite interdental brushes, as I prefer the shape of these to others that I’ve tried. These brushes are available in Boots and other pharmacies.

  • A good quality fish oil such as Wiley’s can improve your gut health which in turn will be beneficial for your oral health, as well as offer vital prevention in the development of periodontal disease. Wiley’s supplements are available in capsule-form or in a liquid. CLICK HERE to find out more about the Wiley’s range.  You can also buy vegan EPA/DHA supplements by brands such as Viridian and Cyptoplan, which are available in the UK at Natural Dispensary – see details below.


  • Bleeding gums can be caused by too much heat in the stomach and liver. Chinese herbs that can help with this are Schisandra and He Shou Wu. Also Milk Thistle can help the liver health. These are all available from Natural Dispensary. 
  • Chewing on Frankincense resin can improve oral health as it is anti-inflammatory and has antiseptic properties. It can help relieve toothache, mouth sores, bad breath and swollen gums. Chewing the resin also makes your teeth and gums strong. It increases saliva flow, which in turn can help reduce dental caries. Only chew a very high quality resin such as Royal Green Hojari and do NOT chew on the poor quality resin (such as the brown one). It is stickier than normal gum although it is safe if you happen to swallow any as it has many therapeutic properties. You can buy it from this WEBSITE postage free and get a 10% discount if you quote SPARKLE10. You could also chew it with Mastic Gum Beads by Nutrivital to make the Frankincense resin less sticky and this also has health benefits for the digestion. You can buy this from Natural Dispensary – see details below. 


  • Magnesium helps strengthen enamel on the teeth as well as improving many health conditions. You can rub the Magnesium oil onto your body as it absorbs into your bloodstream directly through the skin. The brand BetterYou is my favourite. An effective way to take magnesium internally is Nano Magnesium Mineral water available from Noble Naturals UK. To order contact Abigail on 01342 457170 or email: and mention you read the details on this blog as they only usually deal with practitioners.

  • Toxaprevent Halistop Chewable Tablets bind and remove compounds containing ammonium odorants from the mouth and gums for the natural regulation of halitosis. The tablets also bind and remove histamine, improving wound healing in the mouth and reducing inflammation of the gums  for bad breath. For more details CLICK HERE. Quote code 10258U9GI to get a 10% discount and also free shipping if you spend over £40 (worth over £6).

  • Activated charcoal can be used to help whiten the teeth. It is slightly abrasive so I only recommend doing this once a week. Put a small amount of the powder on a toothbrush, or break open a capsule. It will initially make your teeth and mouth black although this can be rinsed off leaving your teeth looking and feeling cleaner & whiter. Available online from health shops such as Natural Dispensary. 

  • Oil Pulling may help to whiten teeth as well as detoxify the body. More details on my oil pulling blog

It’s important to get your teeth checked by a qualified dentist regularly and visit a dental hygienist too. There are some holistic dentists so check to see if there are any in your area. 

Feel free to contact me for more information of any of the above –

You can buy natural health supplements such as Nutrivital mastic gum beads, Viridian Kelp, activated charcoal, natural toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash as well as many other natural supplements and products from Natural Dispensary –  Complete the online registration form, putting Julie Silver in the box which asks for the name of the Practitioner who referred you. You will need to register to see the prices and order. Postage is free if you spend £25 or more.

To learn more about healthier foods and natural ways to heal the body attend a workshop or 1-2-1 session – face to face or by Skype/phone.

More tips to live a healthier lifestyle, get nutrition advice that is right for you, also vegan recipes and ideas to inspire and empower you in my book Food Awakening which is now available to buy in paperback. CLICK HERE for more details about the book.  

Wishing you love & sparkly wellness wishes,

Julie xxx

Vitality Fairy™ & Author of Food Awakening – Nutrition for NOW

Ambassador for World Health Innovation Summit #WHIS

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